The Slow Fashion Movement

The fashion industry is second to the oil industry for pollution. Held together by the insatiable drive to stay on trend and an overwhelming speed of life, consumers continue to fuel the world of fast fashion.

We in the West have lost the art of valuing our clothing. Fast fashion has us Australians currently sending 6,000 kilos of textile waste to landfill every ten minutes. We used to treasure our textiles, care for and mend our clothes, pass them on generation to generation. Shopping for new clothing was an occasional event. Something done with thought, care, and love. We would mend, sew, preserve, and pass items of clothing from generation to generation.

These old arts are not entirely lost. Many cultures from around the world have managed to preserve the age-old art of creating, weaving, and dying high quality textiles. Inspired by these very cultures, designer Kaidee Peel has built Kultcha Collective. A brand born from the desire to reclaim the old ways and the ways that are more aligned with the higher good of the planet and it’s people. Kultcha Collective is a slow fashion label that seeks to create trans-seasonal and timeless pieces using natural fibres, incorporating trims sourced from travels all over the world. Ninety per cent Australian made, ten per cent supporting Balinese family artisans, Slow fashion is at the core of Kultcha collective.

We believe that we vote with our dollars. Every purchase we make can be a step toward creating the world we want to live in.

Creating a slow fashion wardrobe shouldn’t mean sacrificing style. By creating unique trans-seasonal pieces, Kultcha aspires to defy the need to constantly update the wardrobe. Designed to be layered up and layered down, each piece of clothing can be worn throughout the year. Our collections are made of timeless statement pieces that you will never grow old of. Pieces that are designed to be loved, cherished, and cared for throughout the years.

Kultcha Collective

Rin Kin Artwear



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